General Information

What is USF Schools, Library, Rural Health Care Supportinitiated by the FCC, with the Federal Communication Act of 1996?

A requirement by the FCC to have long distance carriers contribute to the Universal Service Fund to assist with cost of providing basic telephone service to rural communities and low-income users. Now this contribution has been expanded to help schools, libraries, and eligible Health Care Facilities in obtaining leading-edge telecom services. The Universal Service charge is intended to cover the cost of the contribution: it will be 14% of your net monthly interstate and international long distance usage and other charges for interstate and international services.

Billing Information

Do we accept Visa or Mastercard?

Yes, currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and debit cards with the Visa logo. Effective December 1st, 2022, credit card and debit card transactions will have a 1.5% Convenience Fee added to the transaction. Please contact our customer Care Department at 1-888-888-8881 and they can take your payment over the phone.

What is the MRC?

The MRC is a "Monthly Recurring Charge" that is charged on certain programs.

What is the MUC?

The MUC is a "Minmum Usage Charge" fee. That is charged on certain programs. In any month in which your usage is less then a minimum usage dollar amount, the MUC will be charged to your account plus any other usage.

Do we have late payment Fees?

Yes, should your account become past due, a late penalty of 1.5% per month will be assessed to your account based on your total unpaid usage balance.

Do we have a Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Charge?

Yes, a NSF charge of $20.00 will be billed to your account for any check that is returned or unpaid by your bank.